Article number 967766201

The A4000 is an air cleaner designed for the really big jobs with a capacity of 4000m³/h and a work area up to 200-250 m². The machine has a central exhaust at the rear where an outlet hose can be attached. It is equipped with a single use pre-filter and four H13-filters. Hepa-filters are like those found in our model A1000 which we consider an advantage since the user doesn’t need to stock different types of filters. The filter frame are mounted with hinges and clamps which makes filter changing quick and easy. There are non-marking locking wheels mounted to the machine to be able to easily move it to the required location. Lifting handles are mounted as well for ease of transport to different sites. This model is equipped with a warning lamp to let you know when it’s time to change the filter.

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Pre filter A4000 washable
Disposable pre filter A4000
Hepa filter A1000/A4000
Evacuation hose A4000 6m
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